As the weather gets warmer, many people start to wear spring and summer clothes and pay more attention to sun protection. Now with the diversification of information,fake ray bans more and more people realize the importance of sun protection, not only face sun protection, but also the eyes, the window of the soul, needs to be protected. As sunglasses are a necessity without seasons, more and more people are beginning to understand its importance. In addition to the usual aviator sunglasses, you should also notice two other noteworthy fashion trends: one is obviously fashionable and feminine large-scale decorative glasses, and the other contains futuristic style. But no matter what style of sunglasses you choose,fake ray bans it is not so easy to start with a variety of styles. Especially the choice of sunscreen intensity, color and polarization degree of the lens is more confusing, I don't know how to choose. Another very important point is how to match our face shape. If you want a long-lasting good-looking sunglasses, you must choose a suitable one for your face shape. For example, if you have a square face, the softer curve of the round frame will suit you better. The triangle or heart-shaped face style belongs to the category of pilot sunglasses. If you want to try a cooler style, you can choose it. What about the round face? The suggestion is to choose a square frame to create a sense of edges and corners, and to avoid round patterns on the face. Viu is an Italian optical shop brand, mainly for the range of high-end men's glasses,fake ray bans and this is a magical optical shop praised by many people. This sunglasses chooses the brown frame of this fashionable color, and it has a feeling of enjoying the sun. If you want a big upgrade to the summer wardrobe, then this sunglasses is a better choice. Ray-Ban is also known as Ray-Ban glasses. This is a brand that was created to make flight glasses for pilots and has a long history. Ray-Ban glasses can be said to be one of the cultural symbols of the United States, and the round-framed sunglasses with gold rim can be said to be very low-key. It can be controlled in any season,fake ray bans not only with summer clothes, but also with winter brown coats and scarves. Ralph Lauren, this is a brand created by a designer of the same name. He is also known as the "father of POLO" and is famous for designing POLO shirts. With the popularity of transparent spectacle frames on the market, fewer and fewer people use such colored spectacle frames. However, this summer's fashion trend is becoming more and more toward this style with obvious frames. If you choose to walk on the street, you may be considered a rookie in the fashion industry. Jacquemus is a designer who has an extraordinary fashion dream since he was eight years old,fake ray bans so he later created this brand of the same name. His design works are based on minimalism, a combination of classic and modern. This square-frame glasses can just enhance the rigidity, and the rose-colored glasses lens also makes people feel that the rigidity is a better fusion. A luxury brand with a traditional British style, called Burberry in Chinese, is also a brand that best represents the British temperament. And this sunglasses meets the "big" needs of many people for sunglasses, and the sunscreen area can basically cover half of the face. This is a futuristic frame designed by Riccardo Tisci. It can be said to be a very bold choice. After wearing it, it has a sense of technology. A fashion trend brand from France, created by a group of young people full of imagination and joy and vitality. The products designed are full of new ideas and colors,fake ray bans which can be said to be a dark horse in the fashion single product industry. This sunglasses has three polarized lenses and 100% UV protection, making you flawless when doing water sports or driving. In your must-do activity in summer, this classic frame with tortoise shell can make your circle of friends photos shine. Linda Farrow is the queen of the famous eyewear industry,fake oakleys almost as tall as the fashion industry or celebrities. As the king of the eyewear design industry, LF has always been at the forefront of fashion. Most of the styles designed by it are basically enduring. Every product can be called a "fashion art." Product". The glasses designed by such a highly honored designer, I believe everyone wants to be closer to fashion. In the glasses industry, LF is definitely a choice that can't go wrong. Hackett London is a brand created specifically for elite men in the UK. If you want to catch up with the trend of aviator glasses this summer, Hackett is definitely a good choice. This frame is a tortoise shell shape with navy blue and brown. The fashion of this frame can be outstanding even in barbecue occasions. Cubitts, also known as Cube, is a new British brand established in 2012,fake oakleys advocating the traditional way of making frames and completing 50 production stages within six weeks. It includes four different polishing stages to maintain the gloss of the frame. This frame chooses the angular Collier frame, which is very suitable for oval or round faces, and adds a bridging style to better modify the face with a short nose bridge. It can be said to be a very good match for the face. Sunglasses. Persol is an Italian company that specializes in manufacturing sunglasses. Its professionalism can be guaranteed and it is a trusted brand. The 714 glasses are a folding version of the sunglasses launched as a model 649 in the 1960s, and it is also the first folding glasses in history, and it has also become a classic of this brand. Miss Jennie,fake oakleys a member of the Korean girl group BLACKPINK group, also wore sunglasses. This sunglasses is DAISY 02 (Y), valued at US$260, and matched with the Moonlight sv eye necklace valued at US$130. It is modern and stylish. The retro style shows that this year's sunglasses, a fashion item, is gaining momentum. The best sunglasses for 2020: here are the ones you must own this year. After reading so many glasses,fake oakleys do you already know what you love in your heart? Remember when choosing sunglasses, in addition to the current fashion situation, it is best to match them according to your face shape to avoid blindly following the trend and buying sunglasses that are not suitable for you.


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